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Image of James Grey Wolf   C4 - Central Coast Comic Con Revisited

by: James Grey Wolf - 17 March 2014

There are more cons on the globe than I could ever count yet the folks from C4 - Central Coast Comic Con went against the odds to host a magnificent and successful new Comic Con.   This feature article is designed to give you an exclusive walk down memory lane to give you a peek at what C4 was all about.

And So It Begins...

There are more cons on the globe than I could ever count yet the folks from C4 - Central Coast Comic Con went against the odds.  Not only was it an incredible new Comic Con but was so successful that expansion is needed for next year! Discover what made this con so special and get some exclusive peaks at some of the guests and features of the show.

In trying to describe C4 - Central Coast Comic Con, the attendees I interviewed at the con said it so well, "This is the place to be for so much fun, cosplay, cool products, and networking."


C4 Central Coast Comic Con <> An Epic Event

While the basic outline has been provided with a few details to familiarize you with the storyline.  The stories themselves can be encapsulated into a simple bullet list for a greater description in a succinct manner; To describe it more succinctly;

  • Nearly 20,980 gross square feet of products, people and exhibits
  • Thousands of collectible items such as comics and a vast variety of other unique items
  • Cosplayers ranging from professional caliber to the simple hobbyist, each adding even greater distinction to the event
  • Celebrities from both TV and motion picture industry with glossies and posters to have personally signed
  • Nightly after parties that really rocked!

A Cornucopia Of Color and Delight

C4 was a collection of comic books and pop culture mixed with talented writers, artists, illustrators and content creators of all types. Just as what you see so consistent with the surrealism and cultural potpourri so common with Comic-Co Sand Diego, C4 brought exhibitors together in abundance, each promoting and selling all types of products that attendees are looking for, as well as entertaining activities, guest signings, and meet & greet sessions with celebrities.

I can't possibly cover everything in this article so I wanted to highlight some of the moments from C4 that immediately captured my attention by way of imagery. C4 wowed plenty of people and marches to a different beat, introducing a refreshing and and jaw dropping experience, unleashed in its fullest splendor in the realm to dazzle the senses with delight.

An Experience Not Soon To Be Forgotten

The excitement was in abundance each day at C4, much as as a celebration of joy and satisfaction.  C4 brought a fresh, new flavor to the scene in Ventura County that drew people from all over the state and even as far as Nevada and Arizona!  You can tell from the images below that this was an experience that would not be soon forgotten.

This is but a mere peek at what C4 Central Coast Comic Con was all about. Just as many others across the nation, anticipation for me is growing exponentially as each day passes, the countdown to C4 Central Coast Comic Con. As an added bonus to give you a more unique view of the experience of C4, to help you grasp what is coming this Septrember...and more!

C4 Revisited On YouTube

The Perfect House

Image of The Toy Man Product Guide Chief Editor, Rev. James G.W. Fisher   James Grey Wolf is a seminary graduate ordained minister with a wide variety of specialties from prior graduate study and 40+ years of hands-on experience. He is currently the Editor / Brand Development Expert for Grey Wolf CosPlay™ and CEO/Chief Editor for The Toy Man News & Reviews.

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