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* CosPlay™ - Cos (Costume or attire be it virtual, material, cosmetic or any combination of such), combined simultanenously with Play (The act of one's communicating ideas, feelings, and/or exhibiting an infinite number of possible personal creative characteristics or characterizations of another person or object, that are self chosen, self directed, and intrinsically motivate;  completed with the method maintaining a higher priority than the end result.)

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Grey Wolf CosPlay™ - Feature Photo Albums

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Cosplay imagery featured here is much like telling a story, a tale full of so much to tell, all within each image.  In some instances a photo is merely a historical memory of a moment in someone's life. For other images, they can share a moment in time that will be cherished by many,  or even a series of photos from an event or occurrence; being viewed together consecutively to encapsulate what transpired in that period of time.

All content here has been carefully selected to share with others, each image telling its own tale.  This exclusive content is designed to engage, entertain, educate and share with others a plethora of moments passed, all from the wonderful world of CosPlay.

* This page was recently introduced and is currently a work in progress as we add more images from each new con being featured.

Epic Imagery

The images featured below, are the most epic imagery we have to created to date, recently posted for your enjoyment. You are invited to click on each one to see the full size image.

* New images will be posted periodically following each new con we cover or are a guest at.

Image from C4 2014 Image from C4 2014 Image from C4 2014 Image from C4 Comic Con

Photos / Albums Archive

While an archive of imagery from our Grey Wolf CosPlay™ Imagery Albums below, we are currently in the midst of creating an indexed portfolio of our feature images. These images represent the image of Grey Wolf CosPlay™ and the exclusive collection of imagery like no other that can be found here. We expect posting of our portfolio sometime in November.




LOSCON 2014 - More Excitement  
LOSCON 2014 - A Peek At Day #1 LOSCON 2014 - A Special Peek
C4 - Central Coast Comic Con Volume #1 C4 - Central Coast Comic Con Volume #2
C4 - Central Coast Comic Con Volume #3 WonderCon 2014 At A Glance


Grey Wolf CosPlay™ - ALA CosPlay / Pajama After Party
Animé Los Angeles 10  Vol. #1 | Vol. #2
Grey Wolf CosPlay™ After Party - LBCHC
Loscon 40 - #1  |   Loscon 40 - #2
Long Beach Comic & Horror Con #1
Long Beach Comic & Horror Con #2

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