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* CosPlay™ - Cos (Costume or attire be it virtual, material, cosmetic or any combination of such), combined simultanenously with Play (The act of one's communicating ideas, feelings, and/or exhibiting an infinite number of possible personal creative characteristics or characterizations of another person or object, that are self chosen, self directed, and intrinsically motivate;  completed with the method maintaining a higher priority than the end result.)

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Grey Wolf CosPlay™2014 - "About Us"

About Grey Wolf CosPlay™ - What Makes Us Different

It was 40+ years ago when I set out to build a company that focused solely on delivering great contributions for the betterment of others beginning first with engaging reader experiences in the realm of publishing.

Fast forward to today...I couldn't rely on the business modeling legacy of past successes as the basis for this new company, Grey Wolf CosPlay™. Instead, I challenged the conventional formulas so common in the realms of cosplay, art, comics, including every little niche associated with them all, and created a new approach and process to identifying what is lacking, starting out on a new path for setting new standards for others to follow.

With the assistance and inspiration from other industry professionals, I am proud to introduce you to Grey Wolf CosPlay™, an experience that takes you well beyond the simple scope of character portrayal, featuring informative content for your personal edification and enjoyment.

It takes the art and fun of the various realms associated with cosplay and adds new dimension in brand development, marketing, bringing greater recognition of comic, TV, and movie characters. It takes the old, mixed with a little new, and adds a pinch of pushing the envelope in creative new concepts, sharing ideas and opinions for the betterment of others.

As I continue howling along with my Advisory Committee and others that have been bitten by Grey Wolf CosPlay™, there will be plenty to howl about this year as each new project comes into realization.  Whether you are a cosplayer, artist, author, celebrity, or performer, you will find something here for you at Grey Wolf CosPlay™

With every advancement we all achieve, it is a contribution to the betterment of others, the very foundation of what Grey Wolf CosPlay™ is all about.

In essence...It's all about YOU!

About James Grey Wolf - Who Am I?

James Grey Wolf, in essence ME, is a unique crossover from current and past labors as a seminary graduate ordained minister, counselor, public speaker, pre-emptive analysis / character profile expert, product evaluation specialist, editor, governmental social responsibility liaison, cross-pollination marketing specialist, special effects props craftsman, pre-school/kinder teacher, children's books author, father, cosplayer / costumer, typical nerd and a man who understands that women are second only to God and have the controlling interest in life.

After so many years away from the entertainment industry I have returned at a full-speed pace, taking my collective past experience and combining that together with the wisdom of those I am graced to work with as Editor of  Grey Wolf CosPlay™ to put everyone else in my life first...after ME.  But I don't have any problem with helping others along the way as I help my own self in realizing my dreams.
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